Staying Safe During A Protest

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Following the religious protest held by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), also known as Shiites on Monday 22nd July 2019 in Abuja and the death of the serving NYSC corps member Precious Owolabi

We have pulled together health and safety measures about keeping yourself safe. They also include things to do and to bring during any kind of protest

FIRST AID KIT. Bring along essential needs, care and supplies like first aid kit in case of injury, water, money, identity card and energy snack

CAMERA. Make sure you are safe before you start filming and never assume that all protesters want to be photographed/ filmed

CLOTH. Wear comfortable and protective cloths and shoes. Such as N95 Face mask, gas mask, Bandana, hat, protective shoes

ALARM. In case things go wrong be prepared using your supplies, leave calmly and get to a safe place. It is important you get yourself back home safely

Remember Safety is your No 1 priority!


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