Chemicals are generally known as hazardous substances and should be handled with serious caution. Wrong handling of chemicals and chemical substances pose a serious threat to life and cause severe injuries.

For properly handling chemicals at work or for other purposes, you might want to follow these safety tips:

• Use safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) as prescribed;

• Chemical containers and work environment should carry appropriate warning signs;

• All persons that may come in contact with chemicals should go through appropriate training;

• Appropriate tools should be used to contain chemicals so as to avoid the content from spilling;

• Chemicals should be kept in their own container, because if the container is switched, the content may be mistaken for something else;

• The chemicals should be kept in a properly organized stockroom, and one person put in charge to limit interaction with these chemicals;

• There should be proper ventilation in the room where chemicals are stored, as lack of proper ventilation can compromise the safety of the environment;

• Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) should be put in place, and strictly adhered to;

• A separate place should be designated for food and drinks, so as to avoid contamination or contact with chemicals;

• Workers should be advised to not take work clothes home, and the employer should provide a washing machine at the facility to encourage this;

• Workspaces should be kept clean throughout the day;

• First aid should be provided at easy reach; and

• In the case of any incidents, first aid should be deployed, then the emergency unit should be phoned immediately.
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