First Aid Requirement Your Employer is Responsible for In December

With harmattan on its way, if it comes, you may be surprised at how often a first aid kit can be called into service this time of the year which can easily compromise employee safety. Whether the workplace is outdoors or in an office, it is important to keep first aid kits well-stocked. Before you start planning your holiday office party, Total Fire & Safety Inc gave tips on what you can do to make it hazard-free

OSHA has established a list of required first aid supplies for the workplace. Depending on the business and specifics of the environment, there are different first aid requirements. Employers are responsible for keeping the first aid kit stocked and up to date with the necessary supplies needed. They include:

  • Band-aids, Elastic Bandages/Adhesive Tape, Sterile Gauze Pads/Rolls and Large Pressure Bandages in different shapes and sizes of bandages for possible falls, cuts, and scrapes. The opening of cracked, chapped skin can precipitate the need for a band-aid or merit more serious first aid treatment.

  • Non-Latex Gloves, Antiseptic wipes, Peroxide and Alcohol and Triple Antibiotic Ointment will help keep those helping tend a wound safe and also help the wound heal more quickly. Protect skin from contamination.

  • Eye Pads and Eye Wash can help tend weather-related discomforts on the way into work.

  • Tongue Depressors can be used to check throat irritations during flu season or be used as splints for possible weather-related injuries.

  • CPR Shields can protect users from bodily fluids when CPR is essential. In cold, shoveling and overexertion in the cold can lead to cardiac arrest and the need for onsite CPR.

  • Triangular Bandages can be onsite in the event of the need for a sling or tourniquet. Falls on ice or minor accidents may require such dressings.

  • Cold Packs: Instant cold packs help with sprains, fractures, burns, etc common injuries associated with falls, accidents, or overheating.

  • Thermometer: Determines body temperatures. The flu and other cold maladies can be contagious! Detecting an above normal temperature in an employee can prevent an outbreak that can take down a workplace.

  • Aspirin, Tylenol, or Motrin can help alleviate the symptoms of a cold.

  • Penlight can be used to look in ears and throats for maladies, or even pupils for possible concussion victims.

  • Antihistamine Tablets and Hydrocortisone to quell the allergies and dermatitis from the dry air, increased dust, and lack of fresh air during the winter months.

  • Blankets to use in emergencies, such as frostbite, hypothermia, etc.

Altitude Group Limited can help with employee training in the area of CPR and provision of a recommended first aid kit in the workplace for all kinds of seasons

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