obosi fire
Another fire outbreak strikes Obosi spare parts market in Anambra, destroying over 400 shops, and resulting in the death of one shop owner (from shock). The fire incident started on Saturday 11th January 2020 at around 1:30am, and cause of fire and amount of damage done are yet unknown as at the time of compiling this report.   This is happening just days after a similar incident happened at Enugu Main Market, which was caused by generator sets setting fire to mattresses kept at the top of the shop decks. The Enugu fire was reported to have caused no real damage to the shops as it only affected the mattresses at the top of the deck. Market fires are becoming more persistent in Nigeria within the past couple of months with the Obosi market fire incident marking the fifth of such prominent market fires. Other fire incidents to have happened between October and now include:  

Onitsha Market Fire Incidents

Three fire outbreaks happened within the same period, all caused by fuel tankers. The first, on October 16, being at Ochanja market: a petrol tanker fell and spilt its content into the gutter that slopped through Ochanja market, from Upper Iweka axis. Seven lives were reportedly lost in the inferno, 50 storey-buildings were reportedly set ablaze, and over 2000 persons put out of business. Another followed just two days afterwards on October 18, at Omagba Phase 2 axis of the market, but did not extend into the market. 28 vehicles and six buildings were lost in the fire. Just as the firefighters who went to put out the fire were leaving, another fire took Otolo Nnewi, where three female waiters were burnt to death. (NAN)
onitsha market fire

Photo: The Sun Nigeria

Balogun Market Fire Incident

Two independent fires simultaneously took Balogun market on 5th November 2019, causing the five huge storey-building to go ablaze in the popular central-Lagos fabric market. The fire started in the morning and became a major blaze by midday, with firefighters trying to keep the flames from spreading. You can read more in our article.
balogun market fire

Photo: The Nation

Tejuosho Market Fire Incident

Fire took a section of Tejuosho market in Lagos barely a week after the Balogun fire incident. The fire, which emanated from a power surge in one of the buildings, reportedly injured two people. It happened around 3:00pm and destroyed goods worth millions of naira before it was finally put out.
tejuosho market fire


All the above-mentioned disasters caused by avoidable fires, show a striking lack of adequate fire prevention and control in our markets, and need swift attention so as to avoid such incidents from happening in future.  
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