Collapsed Buildings and Construction Artisans

In the wake of the Ita Faji building collapse another building collapse had occurred on Monday 18th, March 2019 at 57, Egerton Square, Oke Arin, Lagos Nigeria

Although the later claim was denied by the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), residents of the event confirmed being an eye witness of the disaster saying when artisans came to demolish the building with sledgehammers, a loud bang was heard and the building started falling down leaving other buildings supported by thin pillars with cracks

In 2018 during a workshop held in Lagos, Mr. Seye Oladejo, the Lagos State Commissioner for Special Duties and Inter-governmental Relationship commented that the incessant building collapse has been as a result of the negligence and reckless omissions by professionals and artisans in the building industry of the state

The quality of infrastructure in Nigeria is perceived low and the most affected during building construction collapse are artisans who pay deaf-ears to safety tips like wearing helmets, boots, safety jackets and no use of sophisticated equipment during onsite construction

But what about house owners who refuse to evacuate buildings marked for demolitions by the government thereby operating illegally and putting the lives of its tenants at risk? It is the duty of the government to exercise its ample authority to order and enforce mandatory evacuation with due notice of course

Just in case one is caught in the rubble of a building collapse according to Survival Life here are few tips you can follow:

  • Stay calm and get out of the building as quickly as possible. If the emergency evacuation door isn’t the nearest exit to you, do not hesitate to use the window


  • Do not use the elevator and if the building is shaking think twice before using the stairs


  • Every organization should provide for its employees a 72-Hours survival kit or a first aid kit to use in case of an emergency. This survival kit must include food, emergency equipment, essential supplies and medications


  • Remain Calm and wait for the rescue team to come. If you don’t your judgment may be clouded and you will not be able to make the right decisions at such a critical moment. If you’re in an airtight room and you start shouting for help, you might consume the remaining oxygen and suffocate to death