Have you ever been stuck on the road late into the night, trying to get a bus? Probably, you were just arriving from a long trip, you left work extra late, you’ve been partying with friends, or some other reason must have kept you out late, leaving you no choice but to be out on the roads trying to get a bus at such odd hours.

Then, you start to feel a sense of insecurity, that your safety is not guaranteed due to the frightening quietness on the road, and all the news you’ve come across of people getting missing, after embarking on a road trip at similar hours. You may have got gist from a friend about how she entered a “one chance” bus and ended up in the den of kidnappers only for her to escape by a whisker. Maybe it’s the gist about the young man whose body was found in the Shoka pit at Ibadan, after getting lost for so many months. How? He entered late-night “danfo” in Lagos.

Over time, many cases of either kidnap, armed robbery or rape have been reportedly linked to victims taking late-night buses which are rife in our communities, so we’ve felt the urge to share with you, some tips on how to stay safe in these situations if you ever find yourself in it.

The best advice is to try as much to not board buses in the hours between 10:00 pm and 4:30 am, but as we know this is hardly possible for most of us being that our works keep us out till late night, or we have a very active nightlife, or we might get into town from a trip at such hours, which could not be our intention.

If you get into town at such odd hours and you happen to find a hotel nearby, if you can afford to spend the night there, please do that.

Our third best advice will be that if you ever find yourself in this situation, and it is inevitable, make sure you get the bus at a recognized park or garage.

But in a case where you don’t find a park or garage, you should do the following:

  • Make sure the bus is painted in the government-approved color for transport buses in your state. In Lagos for example, that’s the yellow color with the black stripes;
  • Be sure that the bus has a visible registration number on the front and back plates, which you can put down and text to someone at home to notify them that you’re about to board that bus;
  • When you’re about to get on the bus, look at the faces of commuters on the bus, as well as the driver, to be sure that they don’t look suspicious;
  • Make sure the inner lights of the bus are on and that you can see the faces of people on the bus; and
  • If the middle row of seats is left empty and both back and front rows are occupied, this is a clue.

If any of the tips shared above are missing, it is best advised that you don’t board the bus and wait for another instead.

Do you have some other tips? Share with us below in the comments box. We’d love to learn.
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