Black Friday Safety Hack

black Friday online shopping
November is by far the busiest month for the consumer service. With businesses showcasing Black Friday deals to promote themselves the possibility of ending up with a counterfeit item or cybercrime is almost inevitable.

So, if you’re worried about being scammed online, we have Black Friday Safety hacks that can help you avoid falling prey:

1. Websites that do not start with “https” is said to be suspectable to fraud. Any secured website starts with “https” and has a padlock symbol in the taskbar, beware of those who don’t since Google has pushed most websites to convert to “https” addresses to build trust in their checkouts.

2. Online shopping no doubt comes with added risks. 90% of all hacks happen by the user clicking a malicious email link or providing unnecessary personal information like bank details on unknown websites. Do not give out anything out of the ordinary email address, and phone number. Do not click on hyperlinks sent to your email from a non-secured site.

3. Shoppers do not have to sacrifice their safety for a supposed deal; therefore, one needs to be observant of websites that usually have spelling or grammar mistakes which can also be susceptible to fraud.

4. Social media pages that uploads about a hundred posts within 3 days have red flags written all over it. Check comments and reviews, but fraudsters have also been known to fake reviews to forge authenticity. Abbreviated URLs on social media and “free Wi-Fi” networks are easy ways hackers pull people’s personal information.

5. Serious businesses have a presence on the world wide web, companies that don’t provide an address could also be detected as a fraud. It is advisable you “Trust your Instincts”, retailers know that websites speak volumes.

6. Reviews can help guide you, always seek out reviews of the seller from other buyers as these can help you decide whether or not you trust the seller. If there is a lot of negative feedback from other people, it’s a sign that something’s not right.

7. At this time of year, many people may feel the pressure to part with their money. It is therefore important that you take care when looking at “buy-now-pay-later deals”. It might seem like a good option but you’ll need to make sure you pay on time in the future. If you don’t these deals can be very expensive.

In conclusion, it is advisable you shop from websites and social media platforms you are familiar with. Household retail brands are trustworthy and you should avoid any site or social media profile that looks unprofessional, has too many ads and pop-ups, veers too far off ‘normal’ site structure and has uploaded over a hundred pictures in the space of three days.

Most importantly, Spend wisely.